Hey First Time Homebuyers (and others) in Collier County check out USDA/Rural Housing...you're gonna like it!

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First things first;

on June 28th, despite a previous announcement to the contrary, USDA/Rural Housing announced that the current eligibility maps would not change.

that means, well check it out for yourself

go to 


and click on the state of Florida. On the right hand side you will notice a heading entitled

Quick list of counties containing ineligible areas

You're not on it!

That's because there are no ineligible areas in Collier County.

Now let's just make it perfectly clear that Rural Housing does not mean that you're buying a farm, or a property with acreage. It means that you're purchasing a property in an area designated acceptable to the USDA/Rural Housing Department and in this case that means

all of Collier County

So, what's the big deal? Well you can get

100% financing

no PMI

low credit scores

seller can pay closing costs

there are some income restrictions, but they're not really too bad

So, what are you waiting for? we've got the best prices in, well forever it seems, and a great inventory.

It may be time for you to take advantage of the opportunity.

Now's the time, if you're ready.

Check it out! USDA/Rural Housing financing is alive and well in Collier County

you're gonna like it!  


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