Yes you can have it your way!

Real Estate Agent with NP Dodge

What does McDonald's and Birchwood Homes Inc., have in common?  The both will let you have it your way!

If you are on the hunt for a new home and you cannot find the right floor plan but you will not compromise, build it your way!

With Birchwood Homes they will listen to what you have to say.

You can  have the home you have been searching for a while,

built to your plans with superb craftsmanship and elegant style.

Don't build your home on the sand where it will wash away, built it on solid ground with Birchwood Homes and it will be here to stay.

Go ahead, look at other builders then come to Birchwood Homes where the walk stops here!  Birchwood Homes where the Heart is!

I have worked with several builders in the Omaha Metro Area as a buyers agent and a listing agent.  What I like about Birchwood Homes Inc., as the builder is that I have very little baby-sitting to do with my buyers.  Once we get a house plan and area selected, Birchwood takes charge of all details and stays on top of this project and builds to the customers satisfaction.  If there is a problem they will do what is necessary to correct it and see to it that the customer is satisfied.  I get all the emails to keep me in the loop between my clients and the builder so I can stay on top of things and do some nudging if need be to get an answer or to make sure changes are taken care of.  After working for several years as a Manufacturing Engineer, I just love to see a plan come together and the excitement from my clients as they see the progress of their new home.  Sometimes it can get very hectic for buyers, having to pick out carpeting room colors, lighting fixtures, hardware and landscaping including fencing.  This is where the Agents ability to work with people to put the buyers at ease comes in.  This can also be very harrowing if they have a house that needs to be sold in order to close in on their new home.  So knowledge of the market comes in real strong in listing and advertising for the sale of the existing home.  Being with NP Dodge Real Estate, makes it easier for me to take on a listing, when you have a Great company behind you the road is paved for you and all you have to do is follow the red brick road of knowledge and with NP Dodge's presence in the Metro Area your job as an agent becomes easier even in this down-market.  For more information about Birchwood Homes Inc., or NP Dodge, please call or email me.  Phone: 402.660.9030,


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