TACOMA PIERCE HOMEBUYERS SAVE $1000 per year in tax credits!

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HOMEBUYERS ATTENTION! Are you missing $1000 per year* in federal tax credits?  (Good for Tacoma, Pierce County Fort Lewis McChord Parkland Midland Fircrest and University Place.)

tacoma pierce homes for saleHomeowners plan to deduct home mortgage interest from their income taxes.  Good for you.  That's a valuable benefit for homeowners.  But if that's all you take, you are probably

leaving money on the table.  About $1000 per year for a modest home; for more expensive homes it's more than that. 


Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) lets you, as a first-time homebuyer** take a tax credit equal to 20% of your home mortgage interest.  Nowadays a nice, modest home can be financed with a mortgage of, say, $125000.  In the first year, your interest will be about $5000 giving you a tax credit of $1000.

That's tax credit not tax deduction.  That means, as long as you are working and paying income taxes, you gain an extra $1000.  Just as though Uncle Same poured $1000 in your pocket.  Even more if you choose a higher priced home.  Why wouldn't you want that? 

To qualify yourself for MCC contact:  Terrie Bethel,  PrimeLending 253 677 8183.tbethel@primelending.comHomebuyers  Save $1000 per year.


Nowadays, first-time homebuyers need all the help they can find.  I'd like to help you to MCC.  To see some of the homes you can acquire in your price range, please call:

                                                                     STEVE FORTSON

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*  Your tax credit will always be a function of home mortgage paid which is more in the early years of your mortgage, and less alter on.  A $125000 mortgage earns interest of about $1000 in the first year.  AS you ammortize your mortgage you pay down your principal so that more of your payment goes to principal and less to interest.  Ater 10 years your MCC would be down to about $750.  But it cost you exactly zero and wasn't it a fine shower of money while it lasted!


**  Feds define "Firsttime Buyers" as persons who have not, curing the previous 3 tax years, claimed a deduction for home mortgage interest.  So even some of you 2 and 3rd time buyer may be able to claim elgibility. 

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Lori Bowers
La Quinta, CA
The Lori Bowers Group

Is  this a state or federal tax ebnefit? I like it but have not heard about this.

Jul 08, 2011 09:23 AM