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AC Maintenance Tip

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Michael Smith (Homexpo Realty)

I just completed my annual preventative maintenance on my AC system and thought it would be a nice idea to pass on a tip.

To prevent a AC system water backup it's necessary to clean the drain line periodically. During the cooling process water is removed from the air and is drained to the exterior of the home through a small drain pipe usually made of PVC. Over time algae grow's and along with other contiminates clog the line. Left unattended the unit will backup with water and potentially cause a flood. To prevent this newer AC units have a small float switch which will shut down the AC unit when the water backs up. Unfortunately, most homeowners are not aware of what has happened and assume that the AC unit has malfunctioned and call a service technician. In truth the AC has not malfunctioned it is doing exactly what it is designed to do.

With vey simple maintenance this can be avoided. Here's how:

Mix 1/2 gallon bleach and water (50/50 concentration).

Locate the AC condensation line and remove the cap or the top of the float switch.

Pour the bleach water mixture into the pipe. This will keep the pipe clean and clear.

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