The best dog park is in Edmonds

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Meet Bowie, a wonderful Black Lab that LOVES helping with  things to do with dogs in Western Washington. Here is a little something he wanted to pass on about the best dog park in Washington. 

Summer is here!!! In the great North West and all I want to do is swim at my favorite off leash park.

If you are in the beautiful Edmonds area of Washington, you have to try the waves at the off leash dog park down by the Edmond's marina. Map here  It is very nice in this heat for both me and my family. A big plus about the off leash dog park in Edmonds is that the dogs are very friendly and social and the humans seem to keep a good eye on. There is  a small out of the way part for those who don't like to play in the water or the big wet dogs. This really set this dog park apart, you still get to enjoy the park and the view knowing those little and shy dogs are having fun also.

I would strongly recommend that you go there in the late afternoon and early evening. The tide seems to becoming in and it wears me out more. Also it is a great time to walk around the very charming downtown Edmonds. With its shops in local restaurants the great thing about Edmonds is you truly get the small-town feel with a short drive from Seattle.

Edmonds really has something for all creatures big and small. With stunning views, a gret on the beach dog park, very friendly people and dinning from 5 star french cuisine to great pub burgers it truly is one of the best place in the greater Seattle area.

To find out more about this great neighborhood Click here

Thanks to Smiley Dog Pet supplies for the video of this dog park, I love this guys !!! Check them out


If you can not make it to this dog park, here is a list of off leash dog park in Snohomish county Click here or dog parks in King County.


Thanks for reading,

Bowie the Lab and Chris Potter the human. Contact me for any questions.

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Love it!    Will remember this, too, when traveling through your lovely area, with my dog Bob.

Jul 08, 2011 01:20 PM