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On 03/02/2004, the Timelinx Group of Companies took Club La Costa S.L & Club La Costa Operaciones S.L to court for printing and distributing totally untrue and defamatory leaflets about them.


On 07/09/2006, the final court sentence was given in their favour. The sentence stated that:


The conduct of Club La Costa S.L & Club La Costa Operaciones S.L consisting in the distribution of libellous leaflets concerning the plaintiff entity Timelinx Vacation Services S.A, its commercial product, Designer Way Vacation Club, and the distributor company (Incentive Leisure Group S.L), constitutes an act of unfair competition.


They must abandon the distribution of this information and abstain from carrying out in FUTURE any act of a similar nature


They were ordered to publish at their own expense a retraction of the untruthful information they had distributed and to inform the consumers office of the judgement


The printed advertisement was published in the following manner:


Club La Costa S. L. and Club La Costa Operaciones S.L. (“the Companies”) in compliance with the Sentence nr 553 of Section V of the High Court of Málaga, with respect to the leaflet issued in 2004, concerning:





Declare that:


While there is evidence that these are not members of the Organization for Timeshare (OTE), it is known whether or not they would be admitted as members.

At present, it is not known if they impersonate staff of the Companies.

That at the time of publication of the leaflet the Companies had no record of any definitive court sentence or administrative resolution declaring that these firms defrauded their clients.

Accordingly no opinion should have been given about the suitability or not of attending these entities’ commercial presentations.



The Timelinx Group believed the above notice to be wholly inadequate and instead of being a retraction could, in itself, be considered to be defamatory. An appeal has been issued to the courts to have this situation immediately rectified.


The Timelinx Group wants to inform the general public, “the Consumers” that they take these things very seriously and will always work towards them receiving honest and fair information.


The Timelinx Group of Companies

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