Florida Company Brings eNotarization Into Fold

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Florida Company Brings eNotarization Into Fold

A Florida-based residential and commercial mortgage-processing firm has begun following in the example of a number of Pennsylvania-based businesses, incorporating secure eNotarization into its workflow and encouraging its Notary Signing Agents to begin using their Electronic Notary Seals.

Prime Processors recently partnered with Stewart Transactions Solutions in Texas to use Stewart's eClosing Room, which utilizes the NNA's secure Electronic Notary Seal (ENSTM) for notarizations. This system makes the entire mortgage process - including notarization - electronic.

"This will provide a tremendous opportunity for Notaries who work with us to increase their business, and will allow us to make our workflow more secure and efficient," said Patrick Lawson, Operations Manager for Prime Processors, which is offering training sessions for Signing Agents wishing to segue into the electronic marketplace.

Not only is this electronic process more secure, but the time it takes a Signing Agent to complete a transaction is reduced tremendously, Lawson said.

"During our numerous tests we ran several nightmare scenarios that Notaries might run into, such as having to deal with multiple borrowers at once, and the average total time it took to complete each signing was 17 minutes," he said.

That's less than half the time it normally takes to complete such assignments using paper-based functions, said Florida Signing Agent Liz Adams, who participated in Prime Processors' training session.

Source: NNA eNotarization Update - Issue #27 October 2007

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