Boost the Value of your Forest Lake Home's Garage

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As you prepare your Forest Lake home for sale, don't neglect the garage! It's easy to allow garages to become (or remain) catch-all holding tanks for your possessions, especially as you prepare to move. It's a mistake, however, to treat the garage any differently than you treat the rest of your house as you clean and stage it. Garages are huge selling points to many people, and seeing one in disrepair or completely filthy has a proportionally inverse effect on many buyers' desire to live in your house.

Here are a few good tips to prepare your garage for sale:

1. Clean it Up
No-brainer, right? You'd be surprised at the number of people who don't really take this to heart, though. When I say "clean", I mean "clean like your living room is clean before a showing". Yes, please do remove the squirrel droppings in the corner, as the article suggests (need I elaborate on the relatively few numbers of buyers who wish to evidence of animals living in your garage?). But beyond that, you need to paint the floor and walls and make it look as new as possible. To the greatest extent possible, remove everything from your garage and store it elsewhere. Keep necessary tools in your car or truck if you can. Just as people want to visualize themselves living in your house, they need to see a blank canvas for their own activities in your garage.

2. Add Shelves and Cabinets
Even with all of your stuff gone, shelving is an attractive feature to many buyers. It's particularly important to get good shelving and cabinets if you have no option but to keep some of your things in the garage during showings.

3. Renovate
This step is obviously more costly, but home owners often overlook the potential that may exist in their garage for additional living space. Rec rooms, "man caves", etc. can be a boost to your home's value. Definitely talk to your realtor about the specific value to your home, as well as the kind of zoning regulations you'd need to think through before beginning a project of that magnitude. Be sure to see your garage as an extension of your home and not just the place everything in your home goes before you move. A clean, functional and empty garage will help sell your Forest Lake, MN house!

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Michael Kitsch
Coldwell Banker - Katy, TX

Oh, yes, those are great ideas.  I wasn't sure where we were heading with the title, but this makes good sense.  Thanks!


Jul 07, 2011 11:34 AM