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Tips for Summer House Hunting in Stillwater, MN

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We're mid-way through the summer, and you may be wondering if you've missed your best chance at finding a home in Stillwater, Minnesota. The answer is "no"! It's true that many home owners list their homes for sale in the spring, because many buyers want to be moved into their new homes well before school begins.

But there are other advantages to finding homes for sale later in the summer!

Good deals on the "leftovers"
If you're looking at "old" (i.e. initially listed in April or May) listings, it's very probable that the price on the homes are finally at the level they should have started at. If they didn't sell when listed, it's possible that the sellers priced them too high. Meanwhile, April and May buyers moved on to others homes and bought, leaving perfectly good homes on the market to be marked down to realistic levels for you!

Summer is a better time to get to know the neighborhood
Particularly in cold winter weather places like Minnesota, it can be very hard to get a good feel for what the neighborhood is really like when you're looking in the winter or even the spring (our summer started late this year!). You can see your actual (potential) neighbors out and about, get a feel for whether there are lots of kids in the area (whether that's a positive or a negative for you!), etc. If you have kids, you can bring them along with you and make them part of the process and see if they like the area.

It might be hot!
One tip, especially if you are looking at short sales or foreclosures, is to dress for heat. Many bank-owned homes have the utilities turned off, which means that a showing could be a very warm experience! Plan on more traffic in the fall. One area where you could get an unrealistic perspective on a neighborhood is that of traffic. In summer, it will be lighter. If the home is anywhere near a school, plan on a lot of extra traffic in the morning and afternoon. There are plenty of good homes on the market right now, and you can find one and be moved into your new home in Stillwater, MN before the summer is over! Call us to get started today!

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Hi Bard, I bookmarked for a future your post, I am leaving in Florida is So HOT! Here also many homes have the utilities turned off,.. Very , very HOT! thank you for sharing!!

Emilia Cooper

Jul 07, 2011 01:19 PM