Why Use a Buyers Agent to Buy Your Home in Sarasota

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Why Choose a Buyers Agent?

When you consider buying a new home, you need to be assured that the Realtor you chose to work with is going to represent you fully.

Many people will call me up and ask about a home and then will say "Well, I would rather deal directly with the listing agent of that home I like." I always tell them that they should consider the negative elements for them in doing that.

A Byers Agent is a Realtor who exclusively works with Home Buyers. As a home buyer, when you buy a home you do not directly pay the agent's commission as this is paid by the seller from the price you pay for the home, from the pre-agreed commission percentage when they list it with their agent.

The main and most important benefit of working with a buyer's agent is that the agent will solely represent YOU, the home buyer and will have no loyalty to the seller of any home, or try to sway you into buying a home he or she has listed - the buyers agent will work impartially for you, but with full loyalty and legally responsibility to represent you and you alone in the transaction of buying a new home.

If you work with an agent who actively lists properties for sale, you will not be working with a Buyers Agent and this could lead you to not be represented fully.

So, when the customer asks me for the name of the listing agent and I explain to them that they will not be represented fully by buying that home from the listing agent, they soon become educated about the benefits to them in working with an exclusive Buyers Agent.


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