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I wrote a little last week about Renters Insurance and how it protects your personal property from water damage due to a broken pipe.  Renters insurance protects our personal property from other threats as well.  One thing many of us worry about is theft.  We lock our doors and close our windows hoping to keep the "bad guys" out.  When we are unsuccessful and they get in and take our things, Renters Insurance can help us replace what they take. 


Many people think they don't have much, or that what they have is not worth much.  But we don't realize how much we have.  If you have a hundred CD's or video games how much would it cost to go to Best Buy and replace them all? 
Wouldn't you like to have some help?  How much would it cost to replace your TV, Mp3 player, and computer?  I will write more specifics about how to document what you own to better protect yourself in future posts.  For now, please know that for very little money you can be secure knowing that in the end, even if they do get in, you will be ok.

If you have had an experience with a Renters Insurance clailm, please reply and tell me about it.

Thanks to Michelle Meiklejohn for the photo.


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