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Great Oro Valley Businesses & How to Save Money if you are young like me

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The Oro Valley Business Club suggested I keep the comments about great businesses in Oro Valley, Arizona going, so I am going to state the obvious. That Fry’s on La Canada and Lambert is such a pleasure to shop in. The people are always friendly, the store is clean and the values are very good. Did you know that if you actually tell them you couldn’t find something when they almost always ask “did you find everything you were looking for?”, they will actually make an effort to stock it. If you like turkey parts rather than just chopped turkey, you can thank me for having them stock it in the meat department. As to saving money, did you know the first Wednesday of the month there is 10% off almost everything if you are 55 or over. You don’t have to own up to it, just present your Fry’s card and instant savings. I am sure the Fry’s on First and Oracle is also great. In fact, I think you meet more people you know there on a Saturday afternoon than at many networking events, but I like the easier to navigate friendly Fry’s on La Canada. So buy a house in Oro Valley and visit the store!

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