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On Thursday, I ratafied another contract. Now, I will gladly admit, that I don't do a ton of business. As many of you know, I also work a "day job" for insurance purposes. I have been a realtor for about a year now, so I guess I'm still considered "new" to the field, but I still love the process, the education (for me as well as my clients), and the feeling of satisfaction that I get when I know I have done the best possible job for my clients.

The latest one was actually officially ratified on the couples anniversary...I mean how cool is that!! What other profession can you have to give a memory like that! I think this one feels as good, if not better than my first sale. I feel more knowlegable in the information that I was able to give to my clients. I was able to ride solo, without having to get a lot of common information from my broker. Not that it's bad to have access to that information, but it was nice to have the confidence of knowing that you are being accurate.

Anyway, I'm trying to turn more people on to AR, since it is such a huge resource. I can atest to that.

Thanks again for the forum, and thanks in advance for any comments left.

Have a great weekend!!


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Jason Hill

I couldn't be happier.  thanks for all of your hard work and knowlage through this transaction.   I'm looking forward to our closing date so we can get the keys to our next chapter!

Thanks again Todd

Jul 11, 2011 06:51 AM