Home Tending Is A Cost Effective Way To Sell Vacant Homes Faster!

Home Stager with Home Tenders Incoporated - Live Staging In Southern Oregon

Is there anything more cost effective than FREE?

Selling a vacant home In Oregon can be tough. Especially when you aren't located close to the home. The upkeep is a hassle, and just another piece of your busy week that is used up.

Imagine having a live in Home Tender, who's been pre-screened thoroughly to ensure that they are responsible; living in your home caring for its upkeep and cleanliness to ensure that it was ALWAYS ready to show when Realtors come calling. Imagine PAYING NOTHING FOR THIS GREAT SERVICE!

Imagine your home always properly maintained, utilities being paid by the tender NOT YOU, and in exchange for this service you pay nothing. Imagine having your home ready to show at any time of day, and always being in tip top condition.

Imagine your home selling faster, because thats exactly whats happens. Statistics show that home with live in caregivers that are properly staged sell faster AND for more. You see, when a prospective home buyer sees a home they instantly try to envision their own furnishings and style in the home. For most people this can be very hard to do in a vacant home. Add to this that typical stale smell you get from a vacant home, and a potential buyer can have a really hard time imagining themselves buying your home.

Our Home Tenders stage your home with their own furnishings and sometimes with our help. We specifically match our Home Tenders to houses that match their decor and furnishings. This way your home is best represented to potential buyers and Realtors who might be viewing the house by themselves before showing to their clients.

Last point to consider is the move out. Its tought to get a typical renter out of a home once it sells, and the extensive time involved before buyers can move in can sometimes sour the deal. Our Home Tenders are under contract and are well aware that once your home sells they are to move quickly and orderly leaving the home in move in ready condition.

Now considering all of these benefits, and this being a FREE SERVICE to home owners - what do you have to lose by contacting us? You really should consider Home Tenders Inc when selling ANY vacant home. It just makes sense to have a live in Home Tender PAYING THE UTILITIES FOR YOU and all the while MAINTAINING YOUR HOME SO YOU DONT HAVE TO.

That's right. Absolutely free. No catches, hidden fees, monthly charges, or cancel by dates - this is truly FREE!

Call us today to learn more about having your home professionally tended by Home Tenders Inc.

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