Why would an experienced Real Estate Agent make such a big mistake?

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I am at the end of my rope with a Realtor that is the buyers agent on one of my listings.  The transaction is a short sale and it's actually been sailing smoothly granted the market conditions here in Las Vegas.  The buyers being represented by an agent who's license number is a sign of experience so I figured all would go well.  Everything was going well, beside the fact that he calls me "honey" Sweetie" "lovey" etc.  I never addressed his words because I just chose to over look it. Although now, I wish I would have asked him to refrain from that kind of verbiage for me.  I have never met this agent, i have looked him up online so I am aware of what he looks like and now I know how he performs in his professionalism aspects of Real Estate.  

To simplifie this blog I'll get down to business now:  We are working getting the closing date to happen.. Of course the 4th of July was an issue, the lender for the buyer was on top of the game, title is handling all issues, everything is going good.  Just a little glitch.  The negotiator handling the short sale for the bank took a vacation for a week and said she had someone handling her files while she was away, but I don't believe anything was addressed on our file while she was away.

Here's my rant:  The house is still in escrow:  The buyers agent gave the keys to the buyers without my knowledge or the sellers knowledge or permission to enter and move in.  My seller went to his house yesterday (Monday) to do some final cleaning only to find out that his locks have been changed and he couldn't enter his own property.  There was a car in the driveway and he felt people were inside.  He's standing outside of his house talking to me via our phones explaining he can't get into his house.

I called the buyers agent and asked him what was going on?  Did he allow his clients access to the house?  He said he'd call me back..  Our next call was yes, they changed the locks, yes, they moved in and yes I gave them the key on Sunday.  I was appalled.  Unbelievable.  Can you say Breaking the Law?  Yes, breaking the Law. Trespassing.

We still have not recorded this transaction.. It is still my clients home... What in the world does he think he's doing?  I have a call into his Broker, waiting to here back so we can discuss his agent and his agents actions,and I will be filing a report with the Division. 

The buyers agent kept asking me: why does your seller need to get in?  What does he need in for?  Just tell me why he needs to get in?        I answered, Are you serious?  It's his house for pete's sake. 

It just Amazes me that an Agent would behave in this manner. 

Stay Professional out there..   Penny O'Brien with SImply Vegas RE

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Karen Burket
Bank of Oregon a division of Willamette Valley Bank - Medford, OR
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I'm speachless!   What unbelievable behavior!  I hope it all works out for you Penny.  

Jul 12, 2011 06:52 AM
Bristol Restoration
Bristol Restoration - Santa Clarita, CA
Bristol Restoration

Hi Penny!  What an unfortunate situation! You know what else is unfortunate?  It is so common for clients to buy a house under foreclosure that actually ends up being bad for their health.  What I mean by this is that Realtors are often doing things unethically in order to save on costs of repairs.  Bristol Restoration is a company that YOU can go through and refer to your clients, that prepare a home up to FHA standards, and exactly to the tastes of the individual.  We complete our services in just under a few days and add only a few extra dollars to the mortgage he/she is already paying.  I am really sorry that you had to go through so much trouble, you are right, it is unfair.  Please look into us and refer us to any clients you feel would benefit from our services.  Our website is http://www.bristolrestoration.com or you can find our accounts under ActiveRain as well. http://www.passfha.com


I wish the best of luck to you in the future.


Savannah Kannier

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Jul 12, 2011 06:57 AM