Social Media In Real Estate? Don't Get Left Behind

Real Estate Agent with McBride Kelly and Associates

It seems that social media has taken root in everyone lives today. With the increase of exposure via this medium it is in the best interest of everyone to not fight change and get involved. Activerain is a perfect example of how correct utilization of this medium can help generate contacts and leads that wouldn't normally been attainable. In only a short time I have been able to meet new and interesting people that I wouldn't have before my use of this great website.  A great as Activerain is it doesn't stop there.  There are hundreds of opportunities that can be captured with the use of social media vehicles. As it relates to business directly is the concept of consumer-generated media or CGM. The idea of social media's use in business centers around the use of technology and social interaction for the co-creation of value. Don't under estimate the ability of social media to capture information that is vital in understanding what real estate consumers want.  With everyone seemingly getting into the race for the top position on the Internet make sure you are not the one being left behind with this great business tool.   


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