I'm Firing Clients and Prospects This Week!

Commercial Real Estate Agent with The Vollman Company, Inc. CABRE# 01703483

OK, firing probably isn't the best way to characterize it since there isn't any likely compensation at stake, but the end result will be the same, none the less.  My reputation in Commercial real estate sales and leasing needs to be one of service and results.  I need to be working for the right people.  This week I am prioritizing the assignments I've agreed to take on and dropping the 'bad apples' based on the following criteria:

        Do they value my service? - Am I going to work for 6 months finding them the right location or buyer to have them go around me in hopes of cutting a better deal?  I'm going back to the practice of getting representation agreements with ALL new clients.  As a wise friend reminded me recently, 'If you're not going to get paid, you want to know now!'

        Have they used our market data and expertise wisely? - eg:  market price range $800,000 - $850,000 and I'm asked to list it at $1,200,000.  In this market, I've said only half-jokingly 'I want to be the 3rd listing agent on a commercial building sale.  The first agent doesn't stand a chance selling it at the overpriced expectations of the in-denial seller, the second agent drives home the reality of decreased values, and the 3rd gets to sell the building...

        Are the prospects financially ready and professionally competent?  Landlords are often so anxious to place tenants just to get some cash flow that they give the best deals to the weakest tenants.  My reputation can't afford to put a tenant in a space and have them default in 6 months.

99.9% of the prospects and clients I drop under this criteria weren't going to make me any money or enhance my reputation anyway.  Perhaps I'll prevent someone from from getting in over their head or provide the 'reality check' that spurs them to make a long overdue decision.  Perhaps I'm performing a public service. 

What criteria do you use?  Is it different between commercial real estate and residential?


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