It's a very small world...but I wouldn't wanna have to paint it!!

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I remember ,as a child, it was not very commonplace  to meet many people  from other countries. We, as kids, would laugh at someone speaking with an accent, instead of realizing that person speaks more languages than we do, and should be respected. Travel was not as easy as it is now, comparatively speaking, the cost has been reduced, and what was once a long, arduous trip has been condensed into a matter of hours.Almost all countries have become neighbors, because of this. We are truly a multi- cultured country. I look around my office, and I marvel at the many diferent languages spoken here. Aside from ,of course,our mother tongue,Spanish,German,Russian,French,Italian, Croatian,and Arabic are spoken here. I'm not in New York City, where perhaps this is commonplace because it's a Port of Entry. Daytona Beach is considered a relatively small town.This country of ours must really be something special, for people from all these different countries to flock here.Think about it..perhaps we take too much for granted ,and fail to appreciate all that we do have. God Bless America


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Nancy Moeller
Seven Gables Real Estate - Anaheim Hills, CA
Yes, the world is getting flat in terms of culture. Respect and admiration will go a long way.
Oct 17, 2007 04:10 AM
Lori DeLoera
Century 21 Sundance - Port Orange, FL

Your appreciation of cultural diversity is much appreciated.  It's true that ignorance often replace respect when interacting with non U.S. born people.  Daytona Beach is home to many nationalities, it's a big part of it's charm.  Thanks David.

Oct 17, 2007 11:05 AM