Using Facebook to Reach Potential Clients

Real Estate Broker/Owner with M.S.WOODS REAL ESTATE, LLC

Which online platform has more daily users than Google? If you guessed Facebook then you guessed right. It has been estmated that Facebook reaches upwards of 700 million users. Wow! Not even the most successful television network can claim that! So what's stopping you from taking advantage of this vast supply of potential home buyers? Nothing!

Setting up a Facebook page is about as easy as signing up for an email account, maybe easier. With a Facebook page you get a ready-made website with a good array of functionality, like the abilty to easily upload audio, video and photos. And Faccebook makes it easy to connect with your friend's friends via siply friendship applications.

If you're a central Indiana real estate agent looking to expand your network of social connections, say by assisting buyers in search of Carmel homes for sale, for example, then Facebook offers an excellent medium for doing so. Because it is designed for social networking Facebook makes it easy for your social network to grow naturally.

Or, if you're looking for a way to target advertisments to specific demographics, Facebook offers superior demographic targeting compared to Google. So if you haven't already, why not check out all that Facebook has to offer?