Florida Veteran Home Loans in the Tampa Bay area

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Florida VA Veteran Home Loans Tampa Bay AreaIf you are looking for a Florida Veteran VA Home Loan in the Tampa Bay area, McCaughan Mortgage Company is a LAPP approved lender in Florida since 1953 with offices in Clearwater, Fort Myers, and Miami. Our company specializes in VA loans. Many veterans are not aware of the benefit of obtaining a VA home loan.

Benefits of VA home loans are:

1) 100% Loan Amount
2) No Monthly Mortgage Insurance Requirement
3) Easier borrower qualifying standards (in most cases)
4) Waived Funding Fee (upfront mortgage insurance) if the quailifying Veteran has a serviced connected disability of at least 10%

Most lenders require a minimum median credit score of 620 or higher to be eligible to obtain a VA home loan. Please contact Mike Baralt at 727-797-0600 should you have any questions regarding Florida Veteran VA Home Loans in the Tampa Bay area.


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