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Home Stager with Home Tenders Incoporated - Live Staging In Southern Oregon

Home Tending is gaining more popularity and notariety among the general public. As more and more home owners are taking advantage of this free service, and seeing their homes sell faster - its quickly becoming a trend. However, Home Tending is not new.

As more and more people consider Home Tenders for their vacant homes, their first question is often something like "How can I be sure that the Home Tender is reputable and responsible?" That's where Home Tenders Incorporated comes in. Our company provides a way for home owners to find pre-screened, qualified, professional Home Tenders who are right for their homes.

At Home Tenders Incorporated, we diligently pre-screen all of our Home Tenders. In addition, we interview them to identify their needs and capability to properly care for a home and its landscaping. We consider factors such as rental history, employment status and standing, references, background checks, and an assessment of the Tenders own furnishings that would be used to stage your home. In essence, we take the headache out of pre-screening  a potential Home Tenders for your vacant home.

Currently, Home Tending is a hot topic among the real estate world. Realtors are now advocating to their clients selling vacant homes, the potential benefits to considering a Home Tender. Since the Home Tending sevice is free to home owners, and since the Tender pays the home's uitilities - Realtors find Home Tending to be a useful tool in selling a home without adding any additional expense and actually saving their clients money.

We also are selective in whom we place in your vacant home. We must ensure that the home's size is appropriate for the Tenders abilities, furnishings, and style of those furnishings. Each of our Home Tenders are under contract to maintain the home in ready to show status AT ALL TIMES. This ensures that your home is always ready and available to show. This is something that is difficult to accomplish even for most people living in homes they are trying to sell.

Lastly, our Home Tenders are ready to move out immediately once your home is sold. Forget the hassles of traditional tenant and landlord responsibilities. Our Home tenders are ready to move when your home sells. No hassles, no stress, and no worries. This is what we provide. And we do this all AT NO COST TO THE HOME OWNERS!

Originally, the concept of having a Home Tender was started by builders or contractors who were selling new homes. After experiencing the soometimes difficult task of selling a vacant home these builders decided that they themselves would move into the home and stage it with their own furnishings until it sold. It made sense to them become they were able to save money on their end on rent or mortgages, and also were able to give their new houses a feeling of being a true home.

These builders discovered that their homes were not only selling faster, but selling for more when they were occupied. As the construction boom continued, builders began taking on more projects and eventually had more homes then they themselves could live in. Thus the concept of finding someone to tend the home was born.

Consider a Home Tender when it comes time to sell your own vacant home. If you would like more information about Home Tenders incorporated and our services please visit our website at www.hometendersinc.com for additional information.