Managing Real Estate Broker with CCI Real Estate

Oh boy did things change in our industry. At this point knowledge is going to be the advandage to survive in this business. And by knowledge I mean understanding what's in store for us Realtor's in the coming years. The mass amount of inventory still waiting to be put on the market by banks is mindblowing. The slow method of recovery seemed like a good idea at first, but, now it feels like we have been induced into a coma and now we can't wake up the economy.

Understanding that the road ahead of us is going to be a long one, and knowing what the banks, and goverment are doing about it is your reponsibility. Stay informed. There are better answers out there, and I feel they are just around the corner. My opinion is what is happening now is not working. The banks need to come up with a program that will forgive and forget the bad loans they issued out. How do we do this and be fair to everyone? Not an easy answer. But, their is one. And I think we Realtor's as professionals could team up and be innovative with solutions.

In the meantime how do we survive this? Tighten your belt, maintain your integrity, brainstorm with your fellow Realtor's during your weekly meetings and challenge each other for solutions. This will domino into a positive future for all of us.


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