Are you taking advantage of RSS feeds?

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RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and that is exactly what it is, instead of listing homes on websites one by one you can submit the address of your RSS feed and all of your properties will be posted at once. RSS feeds are not new, they have been around for a long time, the key is knowing where to submit them.

What are the benefits of using a RSS feed?

If you change your price, images, description, status, etc the information will be relayed through your RSS feed and the changes will automatically reflect on the websites that read it.

RSS feeds can work for any industry and really anything that is content related.  Realtors are using them to promote their listings, announce open houses and more.

There are many sites today that will accept your feed and syndicate it to their partners and publishers.  Being able to connect with your potential customers and existing ones are very important and getting them updated content is even more important.

If you already are using RSS feeds this is good news, but if you aren't, I would suggest looking at how they can benefit you.

Recently Google dropped their 'Google Base' service that would syndicate your RSS feeds for you, it was nice to have that little extra traffic. has offered a similar service that is much more effective and if there is an issue you can talk directly to a human.

If you currently have a Google base formatted RSS feed or any other type of RSS feed please take a moment to see what can offer.

 Submit your real estate RSS feeds here!

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