Go big or go home.

Home Stager with Project Guru

The last sellers we've worked with were in the enviable position of having a nice equity chunk, but they understood that to minimize their days on market and generate as much interest as possible in their property, a significant remodel was in order. They picked a savvy local agent, told her of their grand plan to do most of the work themselves- the owner is quite handy. But after months had gone by and the reno remained at a standstill despite their best intentions (two busy professional careers tend to do that), they were realistic enough to follow their agent's advice and hired a solid contractor. Permits and all, a mere 9 weeks later, they had a virtually new home to put on the market. But the agent recommended another key step:professional staging , which would bring life and personality to this vacant remodel, ensuring maximum punch from the get go: and that's where we came in. See for yourselves if we were successful. But the proof is in the pudding , as they say, and the result was sensational: multiple offers within a week for these smart sellers!


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