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Course aims to educate housing professionals on the unique circumstances

of the military homebuyer

Chester, Maryland USA Cares has launched a new education course designed to provide loan officers, realtors and housing professionals with a clear understanding of how to work with military clients. West Town Savings Bank is pleased to have a graduate like Mike DiMarzo to participate in this new program and be among the first housing professionals to offer this level of expert customer service to military men and women. Through the USA Cares Military Family Housing Education Program - accessed online at www.usacares.org - the MFHE Course provides the tools and knowledge needed to effectively work with military borrowers, especially in a fast-paced and competitive market. It also includes timely advice for housing professionals regarding foreclosure prevention, with tips they can give their clients to help them avoid mortgage delinquencies in the future.

"This course aims to put greater numbers of military families into affordable homes through knowledgeable professionals who understand the unique circumstances brought about by military service" remarked USA Cares Executive Director Bill Nelson.

The course's author, Beverly Ray Frase, has a strong background as loan officer, real estate broker and career army wife. "I've been on all sides of the home buying process," says Beverly. "I know where the speed bumps are, especially for our military men and women. Working with a certified housing professional should move them down the path to an accurate and timely closing."

The course helps all housing professionals make sense of the military language, rank and pay system. It even outlines what happens when a service member is injured, and explains how their pay will continue during hospitalization and treatment. Earning the Certificate of Completion for the MFHE Course indicates a significant knowledge base that active duty service

members and veterans can rely on for prompt and accurate service of their housing needs. Certified Housing Professionals will adhere to specific Standards of Practice, representing a commitment to provide quality service to military borrowers.

USA Cares is no stranger to supporting the homeownership goals of military families. "We've paid out over one million dollars to save military family homes in the past three years," said Jennifer Robinson, USA Cares Director of Assistance. "This new effort will help reduce the need for such assistance by supporting military borrowers and their lenders as they work together to make affordable and sustainable housing decisions."


Since 1922, West Town Savings Bank's primary mission has been promoting savings and home ownership through sound financial products and the highest quality and friendly professional service to our customers. Continuing with its mission, West Town Savings Bank offers a wide range of products and services to consumers and businesses alike.

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About USA Cares

USA Cares is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that helps post 9/11 military families bear the burdens of service with financial and advocacy support. Its mission: To help with basic needs during financial crisis, to assist combat injured Veterans and their families and to prevent private military home foreclosures and evictions. In seven years, USA Cares has received over 21,000 requests and responded with more than $7 million in grants. Military families anywhere in America can apply for assistance through the USA Cares web site, http://www.usacares.org/ or by calling 1-800-773-0387. For more information on USA Cares contact John Revell, jrevell@usacares.org or call (270) 352-5451 x101. For more information on the MFHE Course go to the USA Cares website or email Beverly.frase@usacares.org.




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