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Potholes Bass Fishing and Chase Mtg

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Well if I got a letter from Chase I would open it after learning Chase is offering some homeowners money, sometimes 10-20-30 THOUSAND DOLLARS on top of ALSO fogriving the unpaid debt amount to sell their home SHORT who are several months behind on their payment! If you have a letter from Chase sitting on your table in a big stack of mail... Im just sayin... might be worth taking a look! If it was me, I would buy a bass boat with it! lol! As always consult a real estate attorney and work with a competent short sale agent.... on a Fishy note, Bass Fishing is great right now around and in the Potholes area of Eastern Wa! Just got back from a weekend trip with my son and a friend and we nailed them on Watermelon color Senko type baits! we must have caught 30+ in a day!