Website language translator that works?

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Adam Aguilar (Reliantra-Reliant Realty & Associates)

I have a Wordpress site using the Genesis framework, such as an Agentpress site. I have finished it in English, then thought it would be nice to have in in another language. I tried some of the widgets that are offered for Wordpress, such as Babelfish, but it did not seem to work well or at all.

Has anyone else had better success with a different product? The labor needed to translate the entire site and repost all the images is daunting. There must be something that works seamlessly.

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Jorge Martinez
North Orange County ReMax Realtor - Anaheim, CA
Espanol Spanish Bi-Lingual Agent

Good question Adam and I appreciate you posting it to the Spanish Realtors in California group. It's a great idea that I've never though of to have a WordPress site automatically translated to Spanish/English. I've searched and I've found two plugins that could possibly do the trick.



I got this information from the MultiLingual section of the WordPress site so if those don't work I'd check back to this main page: MultiLingual WordPress.

Let me know if this helps or if you're somehow able to get this working as it could prove to be a valuable tool for us!

Jul 28, 2011 06:10 AM
Adam Aguilar
Adam Aguilar (Reliantra-Reliant Realty & Associates) - Toluca Lake, CA, Realty~Serving Southern California

Jorge, thank you for finding these options for me. I looked into it and found it will not work for me. My site is hosted by a company that does not allow me to upload my own content because they are supposedly protecting their servers.

They will not allow me to upload the plugins. I did review them and did not find one that does a good job. They all seems to have a lot more of improvement needed to be truely functional.

Aug 04, 2011 07:21 AM