Excess Calcium deposit in the head

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Does anyone know anything about this problem? My son had been having headaches ( severe) for 2 weeks and he went to see the doctor who sent him for blood test and Cat Scan and the result came as excess calcium deposit in the head. Her explanation was it could be due to severe injury to the head when my son was little. He is now 20 yrs old and in college. the doctor is asking us to go to a Neurologist. I have never heard of calcium in the head but what do I know. I amnot a doctor and I do not read a lot of medical books. I am really worried. I can't seem to get an appointment for him to a good doctor before January. I cannot wait that long in suspense. I am trying to call a lot of Neurologist to get the answer sooner. So if any of you know of this and can explain to me a little, I would appreciate. Thanks Lavina

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