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schools cut counselors

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Just read a sad and disturbing story in the Contra Costa Times (our regional paper for the East Bay) and it talked about how most schools in California have cut out the counselors at high schools.

Many of the students interviewed in our local area, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hil, and Oakland were discussing how they have never even had a "one on one" meeting with their counselor and that they have to figure out college choices on their own.

Wow! the experts they interviewed talked about: higher drop out rates, less kids going to college and many other issues.

The schools themselves are trying their best, as most schools have given this job to their already swamped assistant principles.

Here in our small school district, our local high schools in Moraga, There is a separate counselor(s) for students with issues or problems. Lafayette, and Orinda have four counselors that strictly do the academic and career/college counseling.

this is a ratio of about 1 counselor for every 300 students.

Most or all of the salaries are paid for by the private fund raising we do in our towns.

i am saddened by these cuts, because the reality for almost all kids in Californina public schools is a continuing deterioration of education.

Luckily, here in Lamorinda, we have great schools with a committed population that continues to give our kids the best opportunities to achieve their goals, whatever and wherever those

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