I am looking for Texas Veterans who are looking for a home!

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If you are a Texas Veteran, let me be the first to shake your hand!

I have some helpful information regarding special Housing Assistance for Texas Veterans "beyond" what the VA offers!

Have you ever heard of the Texas Veterans Land Board? We are offering  Housing Assistance to qualified Veterans that live in the State of Texas (regardless of your birth city) and are trying to purchase a home.

What are the benefits of working with Marcus Barnes and the Texas VLB:

* Financing up to $325,000

* Better interest rates than the current market rate (as low as 3.88% on 07/15/2011)

* Lower Monthly Payments

* 0.5% interest rate discount for Veterans with a 30% "service-connected" disability

* Work with a Realtor that is certified with the Texas Veterans Land Board!!!

Are you or your spouse currently called up to Active Duty in the War on Terror?

* Principal and Escrow only....no interest 0%

* Defer the "entire" payment on Land Loans!

*3 month grace period after deactivating from duty.

* For 9 months following the grace period...interest rates will be 6% or lower.

If you are a Veteran..... or know a Veteran currently look to purchase a home.  Please tell them to call me at 407-913-4718 or email me at mbarnes.res@gmail.com for more details. www.barnesres.com or www.barnesres.exitrealtyneh.com  Barnes Real Estate Services <Facebook>

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Marcus Barnes
Connect Realty - Houston, TX

Great information for Texas Veterans who think the VA is their only option.

Jul 18, 2011 10:34 AM