Taking the Plunge with an In-Ground Pool

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    Whether you're thinking of buying a home with an in-ground pool or toying
with the idea of haivng one built, there are many important considerations
to take into account.  In addition to significant installation costs for those
building a new pool, all homeowners with a pool will need to be mindful
of ongoing maintenance expenses as well as insurance adn tax implicaitons.

If a swimming pool is in your future, here are some things to keep in mind:

 •    Installation costs for a 600-square-foot concrete pool average around
$30,000. Less expensive options include fiberglass shells and pools with
liners; however, pool liners need to be replaced approximately every 10
years, raising ongoing maintenance costs.

•    Other equipment you will need to maintain your pool include an energy-
efficient pump, chemical balancing supplies, cleaning, and fees for
opening and closing the pool for the season. A rule of thumb is
homeowners should budget around $600 annually for maintenance in a
seasonal swimming climate and between $15 and $25 per week in a
year-round climate.

•    Homeowners with a pool should increase the liability portion of their
homeowners insurance policy from the standard amount. In addition,
many underwriters require you to fence in the pool so that children can’t
wander in unsupervised.

•    There is no guarantee that adding a pool will add to your home’s selling
price. Experts advise keeping building costs between 10 percent and 15
percent of what you paid for the house to help assure you don’t invest too
much money that you won’t necessarily recoup on resale.

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