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Climb To Conquer Cancer

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I have a dream that one day we'll find a cure for cancer. Until then we will keep battling this horrid disease and one way we fight is to have marathons to help raise money for cancer research. One such marathon is the "Climb to Conquer Cancer" here in Flagstaff, which is being held on the 20th of August this year.  Our two younger children, my husband and I have participated in this event every year since moving to the area. In the past we've walked for a family member who lost her battle to cancer; my best friend who lost the battle with breast cancer; and a dear friend of my daughter's, who conquered lung cancer. This year we add another person to our "chain," my father.

My father was diagnosed with cancer last year and has been a strong warrior in battling it since receiving the diagnosis. I can't tell you what kind of cancer he has, because by the time doctors had discovered it, it was all over. It's easier to name the places he doesn't have it than to name where he does.

If we all think about it, we can think of someone who's been affected by cancer. Perhaps it might not be a family member, but you may know someone who has a family member who's been diagnosed with cancer. Please help support us this year as we walk the 6.7 mile trek up the Snowbowl Road in honor and in memory of our loved ones. Together we can create more birthdays. 

Thank you very much for the support,

Robert, Connie, Tiffany, and Matthew Brady

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