State of Emergency Declared Ohio

Help for Flood Victims

Thousands of people have had their lives turned upside down by the serious storms this week and the flooding that has ensued.   Summit County was hit especially hard and declared a state of emergency.  We are honored to be able to come to the aid of families during this frustrating time when their homes, belongings, and sense of normalcy are all at risk.   Because of the sheer magnitude of this event, we have been heartbroken that we have not been able to help every homeowner in need.  We have our technicians working 16 hours per day scrambling to get people put back together as quickly as possible but we, along with other mitigation companies and city workers, are unable to serve everyone as quickly as we wish.

In light of this fact, we would like to do what we can to help advise homeowners as to how best to get through this disaster. 

First and foremost, try to relax. 

As impossible as that may sound, it is a very important first step for being able to think clearly, act swiftly, and communicate calmly, all which will help you get to the other side of this without undue stress.  We understand how horrendous the situation is with flooding and sewage in your basement; it is possibly the worst day of your life.  But, if you can stay focused and patient, you will be able to do what is necessary to eventually get back to normal.

Important Information!

Although we are not able to provide as fast of a response as we typically do, please call us for help and we will do everything we can to help you out:  866-944-7876.  Residents with flood damage can call 311 to report flooding or sewer backups to the city.

To help minimize loss, and prevent further damage while technicians from PuroClean Professional Services are en route, we suggest property owners follow these guidelines;

·         Call your agent.

·         Take photographs of the damage.

·         Keep all receipts from hotel stays, home repair materials, etc.

·         If sewage is backing up in the shower or under the toilet, your whole system is backed up. Call a professional and don’t use other sinks or toilets.

·         Appliances exposed to water should be serviced before being used again.

·         Throw out all food, including canned goods, medicines and cosmetics that have been touched by flood water!

·         Keep a photographic inventory of anything that must be thrown out.

·         Don’t take pets into a flooded area and never let them drink standing flood water.

·         Remember never attempt to clean or remove raw sewage by yourself! You can put yourself at serious risk of gastrointestinal diseases and Hepatitis. 

·         We recommend closing the vents in the affected area (if possible), closing the door and placing a towel or other item to seal off airflow until the professionals arrive in order to make it as bearable as possible. 

Those displaced by the storm can seek shelter at the Reimer Community Learning Center Shelter at 2370 Manchester Rd. That facility will be equipped with Red Cross staff, volunteers, and medical personnel, and will be open around the clock as long as there is a need, the city said.

Also, all of Akron's community centers will be open until 9 p.m. Wednesday night to provide a place for residents to get out of the sweltering heat.

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