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This sounds awesome!  I always check in with friends, family members or co-workers but to not have the distraction of a phone call would be great!

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Lets face it, we all know that we need to stay safe on the job as headline news sources remind us of the dangers of the real estate on what seems like a weekly basis. However, with the hectic work schedule we have, maintaining our safety strategy sometimes slips through our fingers.

Knowing the dilemmas that real estate professionals face when it comes to the managing the time and cost balance of staying safe, we wanted to dwelve deeper into how Moby can ensure you are safe on the job, and that your family has peace of mind!

1) Check-in at open houses with a touch of button:

Open houses are tricky as you cannot pre-screen the clients that come to view the property. Many real estate agents pre-arrange for family or friends to call and check in on them during the open house. This not only takes time on your behalf to arrange, but it can also be a distraction when you are in the middle of a conversation with a potential client.

Moby allows you to simply check-in with a tap of a button. You loved ones will not only know you are safe, but they can see your exact location for extra peace of mind. If you forget to check-in , your loved ones can request that you check-in within , with which you can instantly respond within Moby’s interface.


2) Share your location when your day is filled with property showings:

Considering real estate is not a 9-5 job where you are at the same office everyday, one of the most common questions asked by a spouse or a family member are “Where Are You” and “ When will you be home”? Your loved ones simply need to know where you are, but phoning you during a showing can sure be an interruption.

Moby’s location sharing feature allows your loved ones to see exact where you are for a pre-set period of time so they can have peace of mind knowing where you are, and how far away from home you are.


Moby on iPhone3) Alert your contacts when you need help:

It’s a fact of life that accidents happen. Viewing vacant properties you are not familiar with can pose dangers as the structures may be faulty or you might meet unexpected guests who are taking shelter at the property.

Moby’s alert feature allows you to ask for help from loved ones with a touch of a button. The alert message will be accompanied with your location, so they can save precious time when coming to your aid.


4) Keep an eye out for your fellow colleagues

Safety is a team effort where we not only need to look out for our own safety, but we also need to look out for our fellow colleagues. Moby’s request check-in feature, allows you to quickly check to see if your colleague is safe. If they are safe they can let you know with a tap of a button, and if they feel uneasy they can call for help just as easily. The best part is that Moby can be used discreetly so that clients do not notice you are calling for help.


5) Reinvest your time and money into selling houses:

Moby’s smartphone app is absolutely free! Our founding goal here at Moby is to ensure that every real estate professional is as safe as possible on the job. Setting up Moby and getting going takes no time, and its easy to use interface means you don’t need to spend hours getting familiar with the technology. You can have peace of mind knowing that you are safe, while spending your precious time doing what you do best, selling houses!


We view Moby as a safety addition to your pre-existing safety tools, so please continue to be alert on the job, and carry your personal safety devices along with Moby!

If you have any questions about Moby or think we have missed a key safety issue that needs to be addressed please let us know in the comment section below.

Take care and be safe!

The Moby Team

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