Getting that deal done, Agent's 'Go To Guy'

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All this talk about unscrupulous Mortgage Brokers just drives me crazy.  I have been in this business for a number of years and have had several loan officers that would try and "push" a deal that had no reason to go thru for fear of loosing their Realtor referrals to another Broker that would do the deal.  I have turned down deals over the years to find out that one of the major Banks closed it or the Broker down the street, who by the way is no longer in business.

The relationships I have with Realtors are one that is upfront and honest.  If I tell them that the deal does not make sense or that the buyer should be looking for a house $20-30k less, they listen and don't try to push their buyers.  I also have worked with several agents over the years that if I turned their clients down or explained to them that their buyer can't afford the house they are wanting, what do they do?  They go down the street to the Loan Officer that "Can get deals done, when others can't".  There are a lot of agents that have been around a while that have that guy, "Let's give ‘Joe' a call, he can get it done". 

Most agents I honestly believe are looking out for the best interest for their buyer, like most Brokers, but there are, like in the mortgage industry, those sour grapes, that will do what it takes to get that commission, and that is all they care about.

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