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When sadness is a good thing: musings from a real estate agent in Reno

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I sometimes wonder why we are so terrified of being sad or lonely or both.  Many people,  well-meaning I am sure, but due to ignorance or just not having the time to really listen would often dismiss someone who is sad or lonely as 'needing help'.  Now, dare I suggest, what if Sadness is good for us? I once heard a very  engaging, influential and inspiring preacher from Florida say that, " Creative people are melancholic " he went on to say that he rarely wakes up in the morning and say to himself, ' whew! whatta a great morning LORD! I am readdddeh!"  according to him, its more of, " O Lord, Help me today I really dont feel good ".

Do we really have to be happy to be joyful? oh boy oh boy.  Just yesterday I came across a quote that hit a spot bulls-eye. " It is a quote by Gale Webber from a book by M. Scott Peck (author of Road Less Traveled),

'The further one grows spiritually. The more and more people one loves and the fewer and fewer people one likes'

I have posted the rest of the article here: Sadness in the Reno-Sparks Home Market



Keith Stoller
Keith Stoller Tax & Business Solutions - Bakersfield, CA

So many people will do anything to avoid feeling sad or confronting negative happenings in their life.  They try to forget through distraction, substance use, or a myriad of other devises.  All these activities acomplish is to defer dealing with the root cause of the sadness.  This could be a personal chemical imbalance in our body, a relationship, or a tax bill, etc.  Every minute one diverts from dealing with the root problem is a minute they can't move on to acheive better things in their lives.

Great article.  Thanks for the post.

Oct 18, 2007 04:40 AM
Allen C. Wright
RealtyU - Aliso Viejo, CA
Great quote ... I have heard that before and enjoyed being reminded of it.
Oct 18, 2007 04:51 AM