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It was an idea that started about a year ago and led to the creation of Real Estate 1 Point ...

Real Estate 1.5, unlike the RE 2.0/Social Media wave, recognizes that technology is little more than a means to an end. Technology provides the introduction but technology alone isn’t sufficient to develop sustainable client relationships.

Real Estate 1.5 can help. Real estate 1.5 is nothing new. In fact, it’s just the opposite. It’s a conscious effort to take old-school tried and tested relationship building methodology and merging that with your existing technological prospecting.

Don’t let the new waves of technology swamp you. Catch hold of one of the waves closer to shore and ride it for all it’s worth. It’s something nearly all of us can do.

So many agents are reaching for the bleeding edge of real estate technology when many of the answers still rest in the shallows for those willing to look and work a little harder.

If you still do your daily Buffinis as my former brokers would say, if your interest in having someone register for a home search is the chance to get to know them and not just to sell them, if you think too much focus is placed on social media instead of just being social, then this is the group for you.

Come along for the ride ...

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