Are you Devoted or Desperate?

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I have been on both sides of this equation and I have struggled with boundaries when business gets slow.  But sometimes people in our industry cause the public to not respect our industry.


I just saw someone in our industry post on facebook that they were just heading to their clients house for an appt at 10:30 at night.  And proceeded to say it was because they would do anything (ethical and legal) for their client and very proud of it.


Hmmmm   Here is where the PERCEPTION can get completely crazy from one person to the next.


I know it depends on the particular circumstances but, for some in this industry, this client better be buying a multi- million dollar property who works 16 hour days and this is the ONLY time they can meet.


Or others, it might be a personal friend that you don’t mind going “out of your way”  to meet with and do a favor.  Hmmmm sounds crazy huh?


But I want to point out a different point of view………


I call one of the top attorney’s in town to defend me in a lawsuit that I couldn’t avoid…….he is well known and I can’t get an appointment for 3 weeks.   Some people’s first thought is…..he’s damn good and worth the wait……right?  Wrong?   Just a thought….




I call a second attorney that was referred to me and he says he would do anything to help me, even come to my house after my husband gets home at 10 pm………….hmmmm  Would you consider him a go getter or Attorney with no clients that is desperate for business?  Again just a thought.


I need to see a doctor (nothing urgent but serious enough for a specialist)…..I call two that were referred to me…..One schedules an appointment for a week from today, the other says he’ll come to my house today………..opinions please!


It’s no secret that this business has become very difficult, but are you compromising your professionalism out of desperation?  My mentor once told me to make a schedule and stick to it the best you can.  Obviously there will be those times you can't but If you take Sundays off for family, make family  important enough to keep that day for them.  If you take control and give the client the options that you are available, 99% of the time, they will pick one of those times. And you will continue to be in control of your business and your life.


I have continued this practice even in today’s market and when I say “Sunday is my day off, how about Monday?” I have never lost a client.  As a matter of fact, I sometimes add and we are going to the beach. This starts a new conversation as to which one and have fun!  Now on another note, I’m a serial texter and my clients can always get a hold of me and ask questions at all waking hours.


So think of what your client might be thinking the next time you JUMP and ask how high on the way up....  






So my voite is.........don't dumb down the business and keep it real!





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Debbie Holmes
John L. Scott - Boise, ID
Gets the job done!

Your point is well noted.... It is good not to appear to desperate but in out industry we are expected to be there in a reasonable amount of time.  No I would not go to a clients house at 10 PM except under unusual circumstances.  However, I did arrive late at my own dinner party to present an offer for clients leaving town the next day.  Usually if someone starts ordering me around I steer clear.  They are going to drop me the first time I dont follow their command.  We need to move in timely matter not an unreasonable manner.  Hense I take my days off when they come.  Today and tomorrow look light.  Tuesday and Wed are busy..... 

Jul 24, 2011 11:46 AM
Marge Draper
Keller Williams Realty Palo Alto - Menlo Park, CA
REALTOR, Keller Williams Realty, Menlo Park CA

Colleen, Lots of food for thought in your blog.  I know you were asking me if I'm devoted or desperate!  I think I am either at different times.  I don't go to anyone's home after 8 pm.  I shut my cell phone off at 9 pm.  It needs to rest and get some juice for the next day.  My husband is retired so our schedules are pretty flexible so I do still work on Sunday if necessary.  But I do take a day off or even sometimes a day and a half.  

Jul 24, 2011 11:48 AM
Jason Sardi
Auto & Home & Life Insurance throughout North Carolina - Charlotte, NC
Your Agent for Life

This is worthy of a conversation.  I'll click on the Suggest Button and let the chips fall as they may.

Jul 24, 2011 04:29 PM