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Home Stager with Home Tenders Incoporated - Live Staging In Southern Oregon

Let's face it: Selling your own home can be tough. But it doesn't have to be done alone! Thanks to Home Tenders Incorporated you now have an entire page dedicated to providing information and tips to home sellers.

Here's what we do to help:

We keep you from paying utilities. Yes, that's right. As part of the Home Tenders Incorporated service, our Home Tenders pay the utility bills.

We keep you from the burden of maintaining and cleaning. Again, our pre screened Home Tenders meticulously care for your home and its yard in order to maintain show ready conditions at all times. By providing this cleaning and maintenance, your Home Tender saves you time and money.

We ensure that your home is properly staged and has plenty of curb appeal. Our service is popular among home owners because we utilize the Home Tenders furnishings to stage your home. This allows you to remove your furniture and decor and begin transitioning toward your next home. Having a pre screened Home Tender is like having a live in butler to care for your home and maintain its condition so that real estate agents can show your home to potential buyers ANYTIME. Research has shown that homes that are made available to show during a larger portion of the day and evening are often seen by twice as many buyers.

We do all of this at NO CHARGE TO YOU. Absolutely free.

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And below are some additional great resources:

Great resource for Home Sellers related to all the things to do prior to inspection:

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