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Originally posted on 5/27/11


With Memorial Day only a few days away, many people are probably planning to use this three-day weekend to up-heave their yards and re-landscape for the season. Despite the weeding, the planting and the watering, sometimes the finished product isn’t what you expected or really desired. We here at Emmer have seen a lot of bad landscaping in our fifty-some-odd years, and to help you and your dreams of curb appeal, we have compiled a list of the five biggest things to avoid when landscaping:

1) Planting where it’s most convenient… for YOU Just like your family, there are certain things plants need to have in order to survive and thrive. Be aware of the needs of each plant and where it should be planted, whether in direct sunlight, with a large water source or in a certain type of soil. Don’t forget to consider your family and guests when planting, as well. Planting a prickly bush beside a walk way or poisonous berries where the dog can reach can really affect the usability of your lawn. 

2) Planting without considering the future People forget that plants and trees get bigger as they age. What looks good now could dwarf the bay windows in just a couple years. When planting bushes and trees beside each other, give them plenty of room to expand so your garden doesn’t grow to look squished together or piled up. Water and utility lines should be considered, too, so that you don’t plant a tree whose roots eventually break up the pipes and cause a leak!

3) Mismatching styles of a house and garden Live in a Mediterranean style home? Maybe you should decorate in a similar Mediterranean style. By unifying the image of a house and garden, you’re creating a full ensemble for your home. If you wouldn’t wear clashing patterns on your body, why do it to the front lawn? (Don’t believe us? Check out this video from HGTV!)

4) Making nature look unnatural Rolling hills and fields of flowers aren’t perfectly symmetrical, and neither should your front lawn be. Making too straight of lines or too-perfect angles creates an unrealistic image in front of the house. Be wary of synthetic stones or too much white gravel because these also give the appearance of an over-edited lawn.

5) Taking nature into your own hands Overusing pesticides and fertilizer may seem like helping, but if you’re planting flowers that are supposed to thrive in the area, then you may be polluting more than protecting. Overwatering and pruning can cause plants and trees to decay or rot, so it’s best to research how much care is necessary and, otherwise, leave well enough alone.

Numerous studies have shown that proper landscaping can improve home value by around 15%, and in a difficult market, that can be the difference between a resale and sitting in an unwanted home. If you still aren’t sure about how to handle your yard, check out this video by Austin Outdoor about rules to landscaping in Florida. Not to mention, you can always ask your home-owners association what they’ve found works best in your neighborhood! So, be safe this weekend, happy landscaping, and remember: treat your lawn as you’d want to be treated.

The above pic of bad landscaping is courtesy of Omaha Landscaping Service, who wants to save people from such travesty. Click the image to see more bad lawn design! What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve seen in landscaping? Let us know in the comments below!

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#2 is the BIGGEST pet plant peeve of mine!!  Good post!!

Jul 26, 2011 10:44 AM