New Program may Sell Homes Faster

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This new program may help generate sales for buyers and savy listing agents




Sell Faster. Buy Smarter.
Certified Pre-Owned Listing.

This is a Buyer's Market .... Let CPOL give your
Sellers the Power of Calling the Shots!

Registration is free to all real estate agents! Why wait? Get registered today and have all your listings rated on our Certified Pre-Owned Listing program!

Certified Pre-Owned Listings. The faster way to sell your listings. When 20 or more homes are for sale in one neighborhood, how else will you ensure that your listing sells first?

Give your sellers the advantage, your buyers peace of mind and yourself satisfaction. Search the database for CPOL inspectors in your area, schedule your CPOL inspection and watch your traffic increase!

After your inspection has been conducted, you will be able to log in and print Summary Reports to leave for potential buyers touring the home for sale. These Summary Reports disclose to potential buyers the basic information of the home, any issues that are found remaining on the "as-is" list from the seller, any major defects they should budget for or which the seller has chosen to fix or pay for at closing and better prepare them for making an offer. These reports also offer third-party, unbiased views of the home.

Pre-listing inspection reports will help your sellers see their homes through the eyes of a critical, third-party, thus making sellers more realistic about their asking price! You no longer have to be the bearer of bad news!

Best of all, you can use Certified Pre-Owned Listing to eliminate wasted time and advertising budgets on homes that will never sell!.

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