How To Find The Lowest Home Insurance in Florida

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I found this very interesting.  We all want to find the best and lowest cost for our home insurance and now the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation announced the re-launch of an interactive program designed to assist Florida’s homeowners to shop for homeowners’ rates. The new system, called the Consumer HomeOwners Insurance Comparison Electronic System (CHOICES), is a revamp of an earlier system developed in 2007.

CHOICES doesn’t offer quotes on a specific home; instead, it offers two home examples and generates, county-by-county, a range of costs to insure that house. While a homebuyer doesn’t get an actual quote – there’s no way to key in a specific home’s details – he’ll see a range of costs from lowest to highest as they would apply to that sample home.  Insurers base their quotes on different factors, and the most expensive carrier in one county could be the least expensive carrier elsewhere. The two sample coverage homes are a $150,000 property built before 2001 and a $300,000 property built in 2005.

The Commission notes that the listing of an insurance company does not constitute an endorsement, and the rates don’t reflect surcharges or discounts. Consumers must still call carriers directly for an official premium quote.

You can find the information at:  I went to look at my insurance in my county and luckily I just happen to have the insurance company that was noted for the lowest insurance.  Go take a look.  If you are currently looking for a new home, visit my website

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