203k streamline FHA loan make that house that is almost perfect your new home!

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The struggle to find the perfect home can be daunting, and in this market there are many houses to choose from.  But, not all of them may be a perfect fit or may not be in the best of condition.  We have a solution; the 203k streamline FHA loan may allow you to turn the house you found into the home you dreamed of.  Funds are loaned to purchase the property and to remodel, redecorate or otherwise make improvements to the house so that you can make this house truly your home.


Some of the benefits of purchasing a home using the 203k streamline loan program are as follows:


  • The program allows for you to include the costs of rehabilitation or improvements in a SINGLE mortgage loan with a low interest rate and ONE set of closing costs. 


  • The rehab or improvement of an existing home would typically be less expensive than the cost to construct a new home.


  • Many times the cost of the existing home is lower because of its condition and the increased value because of the improvements builds equity immediately.


  • It allows you to hold on to your own money instead of draining your savings account and putting those funds into the home. 

We offer this product and are providing our services to local banks throughout Oklahoma, for more information on this program or how we can offer this program through any local bank in Oklahoma please feel free to give me a call at 417 838 8298 or contact me at my email address Darren@Mischomeloans.com.


Darren Stewart

Account Executive ~ Oklahoma

Mortgage Investment Services Corporation

417 838 8298




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Steve Hoffacker
Steve Hoffacker LLC - West Palm Beach, FL
Certified Aging In Place Specialist-Instructor


Good post. You're right, the 203k program can be a good fit for the right property. :)


Jul 27, 2011 04:32 PM