Have a vacant property? Want to save money while having it taken care of at no out of pocket cost? Check this out...

Home Stager with Home Tenders Incoporated - Live Staging In Southern Oregon

Here at Home Tenders Incorporated ( we offer a rather unique service. ANYONE who owns a vacant home, rental home that is vacant, or even those who need a temporary house sitter can save HUNDREDS of dollars a month - ALL WITH NO COST to the home owner. How do we accomplish this?

Home Tenders Incorporated offers qualified and pre-screened temporary home sitters (Home Tenders) to live in and care for your home and its yard. The Home Tender pays all utilities for the home, and is responsible for the care and upkeep of your home. In fact most of our Home Tenders are living in homes currently listed for sale. This means they are quite used to keeping these homes in tip top shape, clean, comfortable, and best of all they are ready to move quickly when the assignment is over or the home is sold.

Our Home Tenders are ran through rigorous screening processes to determine if they are capable and able to propery care for the homes they tend. These Home Tenders use their own furnishings in the case of a vacant home, to properly stage your home for any potential buyers or renters.

Home Tenders Incorporated offers a free service to home owners that not only saves them time, but most importantly money while they attempt to sell or rent their homes. It makes sense in today's economy to save as much as you can whenever you can - and with Home Tenders Incorporated its easy to save time and money.

If you would like more information about our program, our pre-screening; or if you are interested in becoming a Home Tender - visit for more information.