When Confidence Becomes Arrogance Robbing Others Of Joy

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There is often a very fine line between things. That is why it is so easy to cross a line you do not wish to cross. I found this to be very well written and makes a point we should consider when dealing with others. This is helpful information regardless your line of work and applies in family and neighborhood situations as well.


Living life to its fullest should be a dailey goal!

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Smart ChickenI thought it might be a good review and a reminder when watching other people and even thinking of ourselves when we have crossed the line. It can happen to any of us

   When Confidence Becomes Arrogance.

It is moving FROM confident ability TO overconfident arrogance.

The key that is lacking is humility. Forgetting our humble roots, some may not even ever had any. In the newest Captain America movie the main character's "goodness" in him now being destined for greatness was started out that he wasn't great at all to begin with. HUMBLE ROOTS.

Non arrogant but confident people point to the team when things go well for credit and look in the mirror for responsibility when things go poorly. Danger signs of crossing the line into arrogance include using the word I and Me a lot, for example I think this, I did that, possessiveness, MY TEAM, my show, my idea. Despite reading in social media the wonders of brand equity of YOU, when it is ALL about you this is not good.

Other warning signs you have crossed the line into arrogance is always slamming others with criticism how they are incompetent, your tone of voice dismissing others as beneath you, you have an air of superiority or entitlement about you, you think you are better than, more capable than, just SMARTER than others. Even if you ARE smarter than others a confident person would not lord it over others. They would use the gift of their intelligence to include everyone and uplift them. Again,

        Arrogant people are missing that humble bone.

Check yourself and your behavior in the mirror from time to time with being over confident and arrogant and cocky and bring yourself back from the brink before you fall. Have a close confidante tell you what they think about you. This can be fixed. Remember where you started. You are NOT better than everyone else.

Some quotations to think about confidence and arrogance:

Confidence attracts.  Arrogance makes us want to  leave the room.

A confident person exhibits humility.  An arrogant one fears humility.

A confident person waits his turn in line.  An arrogant one pushes to the front of the line.

A confident person keeps moving ahead with diligence.  Arrogance doesn’t believe he needs to work for anything.

An arrogant person already knows everything.  A confident one loves to learn.

Arrogance is never satisfied.  Confidence seeks to satisfy.

Confidence is classy without effort.  Arrogance needs props.

Arrogance comes from insecurity.  Confidence is already secure.

Confidence can deal with the truth.  Arrogance would rather be lied to.

An arrogant person is destroyed by criticism.  A confident one is made better by it. 

Confidence says, "I’m sorry."  Arrogance says, "Get lost!"

A confident person can laugh at themselves.  An arrogant person feels like the joke is always on them.

Confident people seek to be better.  Arrogant people find fault.

Arrogant people are intimidated by confident ones.  

Confidence brings joy to life.  Arrogance wants to destroy it for others.

And last but not least a funny one to wrap up this discussion ----

A nun once jokingly gave the definition of arrogance:  "I am humble and proud of it."

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