Illinois Real Estate License Transition: Transition Course vs. Proficiency Exam

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What's The Difference Between The Illinois Transition Courses and The Proficiency Exam?

We receive calls, every day, from students wondering what the difference is between the two methods of Illinois Real Estate License upgrade.

Transition Courses vs. Proficiency Exam

  Test Type Home Study Testing Allowed Online Testing Allowed Same Day Test Results Test Re-Takes Additional CE Hours Required
(Salesperson to Broker)
Additional CE Hours Required
(Salesperson to Broker)
Illinois Transition Courses School Exam Yes
with approved Proctor YOU select
with approved Proctor YOU select
Yes Yes NONE 18hrs.
Illinois Proficiency Exam State Exam No At Approved Testing Centers Only At Approved Testing Centers Only No 18hrs. 18hrs.


*Illinois Proficiency Exam online testing is ONLY available at approved testing centers.

*Same day results for the Illinois Proficiency Exam are ONLY available to students who have taken the online exam at an approved testing center.


So Which Is The Best Option To Up-grade Your License:
Transition Courses or Proficiency Exam?

Ultimately, it's a personal decision, but the vast majority of Illinois Licensee's are now choosing to take the "Transition Courses" over the "Proficiency Exam"; and for good reason.

  • NO State Exam Required
  • NO CE Required (for Salesperson to Broker Transition)
  • Self-Study Courses
  • Online/Paper Testing
  • Same Day Results
  • Test Re-takes

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