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Back Home in Ocala, FL.........

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Well we just returned to Ocala from our family vacation to The Smoky Mountains. Its always nice to come back home, but I desperatley miss the scenery and the weather. We left Ocala and it was a normal 87. Of course it was late evening. We stopped in north georgia to eat and we thought we were going to freeze! Being florida natives, if it drops below 60 its freezing. It was about 50 out the first day. The rest of our trip it was 38 in the mornings and climbed to about 65 during the hottest part of the day. The leaves were just starting to change good. It was absolutely beautiful. The most astonishing thing about the whole trip was the difference in home prices. There are some very affordable homes throughout northern georgia and tennessee. While visiting some relatives, we stayed in their wonderful home. They have a 3300 sq ft main floor and a 1900 sq ft basement and paid around $200k! It sits on 1.2 acres. Needless to say, I was floored. After browsing the local real estate books it seemed to get even better. Then yesterday, a coworker and I went to see some models in a new golf community in Ocala. We looked at a 2600 sq ft home on less than a 1/2 acre for right at $1M! What a difference. Like the old saying goes, "location, location, location". As we discussed how nice it would be to move and enjoy all of our seasons, buy a larger home, our teenager brought us back to earth as we were informed that there is no way she could be dragged away from her friends and school, then her sister chimed in.......So, if anyone is interested in 2 fairly well behaved, not so tidy, good students, we are ready to move immediately. The things we do for our kids!
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Hey there Tom......

 I just joined Active Rain and wanted to say.... I am glad you were able to come to my home state for some enjoyable scenery. I travel to the Smokies every other weekend as my fiance's daughter lives there. We definitely enjoy seeing the trees change there this time of year as it is breathtaking to say the least. I have lived in this Great Sate all of my life and the only place I would rather be is in Florida roasting on the beach. Ha!

So...the next time you come to Tennessee look me up and I will take you and the family out. Oh...and as far as taking your teens...I would love to have built in babysitters...Bring em'  on! ;0)   Here is your home...2,000 sq. ft, Williamson County, ONLY 200,000!!! ;0)

Oct 19, 2007 03:34 AM
Tom Engelhardt
First Choice Mortgage - Ocala, FL
Welcome to AR. It really is beautiful, especially this time of year. I was actually LOL at the picture because it actually closely resembles the home we stayed in. They live in Dacula, GA though. We actually stayed in Sevierville while in TN.
Oct 19, 2007 03:50 AM