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Yesterday we had our company-wide Holiday Party, a Sunday brunch held at The Tuxedo Club in Tuxedo Park, NY.  

Most of the Sales Associates (130+) were in attendance and many brought their spouse/significant other to share in the festivities.  Terrie O'Connor Realtors is a family owned brokerage and three of Terrie's four children are Realtors and actively involved with the company.  A very pleasant "family' affair, it's a highlight of the holiday season.  

We have no open houses on the day of this event, basically we are all given a day off.  Because we have no advertising in the weekend newspapers, the phones are extremely quiet and will stay that way for the next couple of weeks.  This got me thinking about the year-end season and why it tends to slow down at this time of it something that we bring on ourselves or is it the holiday spirit that has everyone pre-occupied with their own parties, tree trimming, shopping (for things other than houses) and family get-togethers?  

I am ready, willing and able to work; and motivated buyers are ready, willing and able to buy so why does the market slow?  An open house at this time of year can also be a festive event.  A log burning in a fireplace, the smell of cinnamon or pine candles burning, holiday lights on the tree...all make for a very inviting atmosphere.  It's easy to enhance such an atmosphere...a trip to your local bakery for some holiday cookies to serve and if you're so inclined, you can always stop at Dunkin Donuts for a box-o-joe!  Simple things like this will keep your visitors milling around so you can have a 'meaningful' conversation.  

So why not host your next open house with a holiday party flair?  You might make a holiday memory for the new family. 

I got off topic apologies.  Back to my point...

I am sure that sometime in the past it seemed like a great idea to 'shutdown' and celebrate the holidays.  Geez, even the NY/NJ/PA Realtors convention is held in December each year but... does it really make sense?  Here we are at a point in the year where motivated people are running out of time to close the year on a high note!  Bah-humbug...guess I lose on this one.   

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