Real Estate Professionals Fish Too

Services for Real Estate Pros with Richterkessing, Inc.

Shocking?  Maybe to some, as I have often made the comment that the two didn't seem to mix like oil and water.  More often than not, I find such things being revealed in my Fly Fishing journey.  I am fortunate to be involved with both as well, as my support role at Richterkessing Inc., is flexible enough to fulfill my passion for Fly Fishing as a Guide and Instructor.  Building lasting relationships at both professions is crucial to remain in the game at a high level.  So there I am at the Outfitters, usually the first, preparing equipment in anticipation of my client's arrival.  It is a gorgeous October morning, light rain in the forecast, comfortable temperatures.  We will be fishing for Rainbow and Brown trout in North Georgia on a beautiful stretch of river North of Clarkesville.  When everyone arrives, we divvy up the group between guides and select a beat on the river.  My clients are eager to learn as they are relatively new to the sport, and it reminds me of the beginning of my journey.  As the morning passes and new skills are developed, and relationships are built, it happens, the first trout of the day.  I have seen it a multitude of times and never get tired of it!  Joy, laughter, pride, a gamut of emotion that only comes from Fly Fishing.  Amazingly all that emotion opens up vibrant verbal exchange that seemingly ties each of us together as long time friends.  As the day progresses and more trout are caught, I find from our lively "River Banter" that I am supporting the group's leader who is a Chairman with a local Chamber of Commerce.  My clients, his clients, are Real Estate professionals, and represent one of the largest Real Estate Development companies in North Georgia and the other is in Commercial Real Estate!  Shocking no more!

Proof again that once the waders are pulled on, the globe shrinks and everyone is on the same playing field!    

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