Summer Fun in League City,Tx or What to do in the Greater Houston, Galveston Area

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 I know summer is rapidly coming to an end, and for those who have children, school is about to begin. Still what summer entertainment do you find to be the most fun, best bang for the price, or in reverse what do you think isn't worth doing?

Summer Fun


Share your ideas with me and I will then post these summer fun events for all to see. We all know such things as The Kemah Boardwalk, the beach at Galveston, or the museums of Houston. These are all great activities and please include them but I am especially looking for the less known activities that maybe even those who have been around for a long time aren't aware of or just don't think about.




My wife and I are photographers, my wife being a professional, we like to go out and take pictures. After Ike my wife and I went to Galveston and other hard hit areas and took pictures. One picture in particular that I remember is a house that was still standing (on stilts) with the walls ripped off but the dining room table and chairs still there. Now this isn't for everyone but for us we find this fun and didn't cost a lot of money to do.




 So send me your ideas and let's help each other end the summer with some great fun and entertainment. Whether on land, water or perhaps in the skies there are so many things to do here in the greater Bay Area of Texas this summer it would be a waste not to go out and participate.

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